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Ambriel Valentine is a student at PS238 who is protected by a mysterious force. She has possessed this force since birth, and no one is certain as to whether it is a sentient being that protects her, or if her abilities are biological and controlled subconsciously. The force has shielded her from lightning strikes, car crashes, falling trees, etc. The force has been known to directly attack people it perceives as aggressive towards Ambriel, slapping them. Her "guardian" also protects her from authority, making her invisible to security cameras, and conjuring up hiding places for her if she's about to be caught breaking the rules. Up until recently she couldn't be harmed by anything, catch a cold, get in trouble with authority, or even be rained on. However, when Harold Nelson visited PS238 he temporarily dampened her powers, this allowed her to get sick for the first time in her life. Having virtually no immune system and never having received any vaccinations, she became so ill she died. However, she was raised from the dead by Vern McIntire. After this, her angel became less protective, allowing her to come to mild harm. She can now be grabbed, rained on, bit by bugs, and hit by objects thrown by other students (The force will still retaliate against the students, though.)

Ambriel recovered a powerful weapon from Zodon's space station, a bat that causes explosion upon contact. She's very fond of it.

While visiting an alternate dimension, she was recruited into the Trans Dimensional Defense Division as an agent and given some limited authority to apprehend inter-dimensional criminals.

She's a very bold and confident child. She has been disciplined very little in her life because of her protective force. As a result she has little respect for authority and not much of a filter.

Trapped Ambriel C

Trivia Edit

  • Ambriel's bat was once owned by The Sinister Shortstop
  • Ambriel's parents have gotten "clingy" since she died and came back to life.
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