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Welcome to the PS238 Wiki[]

This is a site for discussing the PS238 comic book series: characters, issues, storylines, and all.

About PS238[]

PS238 is the school for metaprodigy children! The superheros of the world have families too, and their kids need an education. That's why, located in a secret base 3 miles beneath a regular elementary school, PS238 caters to kids with extraordinary abilities. Well, mostly.

PS238 is an all-ages comic written by Aaron Williams, available online and in trade paperback.

Note for Contributors[]

This wiki still needs a lot of work. Don't hesitate to add a page. When adding info boxes to character pages, use the template Character_Full. If you can't find the template use Tyler's page as a reference. All additions are appreciated! Don't be afraid to contact the admin with any questions.

Latest activity[]

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